Veterinary marketing services

Practices request our guidance and services in three main ways:

Our services include:

Analysis and assessment

  • Client analysis
    Client segmentation, client retention, client satisfaction.
  • Competitor analysis
    Competitor positioning, competitor strengths and weaknesses, competitor mystery shops.
  • Client satisfaction measurement
    Client perceptions, client feedback gathering and monitoring, how clients define value, why clients leave.
  • Market analysis
    Local market demographics / dynamics, opportunities and threats, pet owner perceptions.
  • Mystery shops (phone and on-site)
    Behaviors and practices, market segment experiences, pet owner first impressions.

Strategic direction

  • Budgeting
    Creating marketing budgets based on goals and setting reasonable expectations for ROI.
  • Marketing goals and objectives
    Target identification, goals based on marketplace realities, goal setting, measureable marketing goals and objectives.
  • Marketing plan development
    Based on agreed upon goals and objectives.
  • Pet owner segmentation / niche development
    Target market identification, market segment outreach and communication, targeted services development, targeted marketing plans, market niche identification.
  • Practice positioning
    Positioning strategies and briefs, application and integration of positioning strategies, visual identity programs, positioning and practice culture.

Marketing initiatives

  • Client communication
    Client outreach, point of service communication, follow-up communication, information resources.
  • Client feedback
    Systems and initiatives for gathering ongoing feedback leading to continuous practice improvement.
  • Client information
    Increasing pet owner compliance, client partnerships, clients as educators to other pet owners.
  • Community collaborations
    Collaborative marketing strategies, partner identification, program development and measurement.
  • Internal communication
    Staff participation, getting staff on board, marketing as everyone’s job, breaking down internal barriers.
  • On-line reviews
    Review responses and management, negative review prevention.
  • Publicity / media relations
    Targeted media databases, expert source training, story development / placement.
  • Results measurement
    Baselines, variable identification, variable tracking and measurement.
  • Service delivery
    Adding value to services, services access, service delivery beyond the transaction. Service development Boosting service relevance, reaching out to client segments with specialized services.
  • Social media content
    Reaching out to pet owner segments and niches, boosting client ENGAGEMENT.
  • Website content
    Boosting client website visits, creating value, segmenting the pet owner audience.