Opportunities for practice growth | Avoid barking up the wrong tree

Barking Up The Wrong Tree Idiom - Stock Illustration: 7913283Trying to simply “get more clients” Is NOT the way
to grow a practice.

Reaching out with mass market messages to try to reach any pet owners may end up attracting clients who are not a good fit. This means that they may offer little potential for a growing and lasting relationship with your practice. Or, in some cases, they might come on your front door and just as quickly go out the back.

Practices that look for OPPORTUNITY in the local market – and then TARGET that opportunity – are more likely to capture the attention and interest of clients with high need and desire for quality veterinary services.

How to spot opportunity? It’s easy. Look for:

  • Trends that represent NEEDS for pet owners. These include health issues and risks, medical conditions, pet lifestyle issues and more. What is on pet owners’ minds and how can your practice help?
  • "Gaps" or unmet needs in your local marketplace. What is your competition NOT providing?
  • Underserved pet owner segments. Are there groups of pets that are not getting served as well as they could? Could this represent an opportunity for your practice?
  • Lacking services. What do local thought leaders and referral sources say is missing from the local veterinary landscape?
  • Practice expertise and interests. How can your practice leverage veterinarian and staff interests and expertise into opportunity?

Once your practice has identified a market OPPORTUNITY, it then has a FOCUS for targeting marketing efforts.

Pursuing a particular market opportunity is MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE than trying to be everyone to everybody.   You will get:

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